Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sweat and Stink Free

Awesome 8.8 mile run yesterday.

Got to test-run my new lulu Run: Swiftly Tech V Neck in Flash and I LOVE it. The silverescent material is moisture-wicking which means you stay dry and stink-free. My biggest running pet peeves are sweat-soaked cotton t-shirts and constantly wondering if I smell homeless.

I normally wear 4 in Lululemon but went up to a 6 so that it wouldn't cling to my waist.

Headed down to center city with the boy for veggie sloppy joe and lots of fries.

Then walked over to Mutter Museum ( to check out some disfigured babies in jars. Just kidding. It was very cool - we both used to be pre-meds so this type of thing fascinates us (or at least me...he might have just been playing along). Saw many preserved human body parts that have been infected with various diseases and congenital conditions. I learned about a congenital disease called FOP ( which causes your body to turn tissue (muscle, tendons, etc.) into BONE when it gets damaged. There was a preserved skeleton of a boy who had this disease and it was so strange - bits of bone sticking out everywhere. Poor thing.

Phillies vs. Miami Marlins game on Thursday. Not gonna lie, I know absolutely nothing about baseball (3 strikes and you're out, right? Or was it 4? jk) but it was fun. I grew up watching figure skating competitions and track-and-field meets, so this was completely new to me.

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