Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Three Things Tuesday

1.  Some crazy news from Miami:
"Naked cannibal killed by Miami police as he ate homeless man's face...31-year-old Rudy Eugene was high on drugs when he carried out his cannibal attack." Link to article

Well, shit.
So now I have some questions:
1) Why were they both naked?, 2) Does this mean I should stay away from LSD?, and 3) Is the zombie apocalypse finally here?  Because if so I gotta brush up on my combat escape techniques now.

2. We're moving on Wednesday and I have to pack, again.

"What if I wanna play basketball?  Or nerf? What if there's a disco party?  What if there are no chairs?"

3. Stocks jump despite bad news.  Facebook is left in the dust.

Facebook is down to a new low - $30.17 (went public at $38).  I can't believe why anyone is still buying this stock and I wouldn't be surprised if it kept falling to something like $14.  Doesn't matter how many eyes see the website everyday if their net profit is still tiny.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Roadtrip Part 2

Next up: Victoria, BC, and Kelowna, BC!

This was the waterfront in South Victoria.  Prime real estate...if you happen to have $1,500k sitting around.  

I found bambi!

These little turds seals were waiting for my fries.  In James Bay, there are small floating food vendors and an area to sit right by the water.  My parents got fish and chips and I had salmon tacos.  

Butchart Gardens

This was taken in the "Rose Garden."  
If you want to see tulips, April would be the ideal time to visit.  If you want to see roses, I think July or August would be better.  We went right when the tulips were starting to fade out but too early for the roses.  It was still beautiful though!

Butchart's Cove

Sunken Garden

Ross Fountain.  

 I was tempted to get one before I realized that these were totally gimmicky.  Haha.  Victoria is very overpriced and touristy (we saw signs in Chinese in the gift shop).

Pear pecan salad at Med Grill on our way back to the hotel. yum

Music students from the University of Victoria playing in Inner Harbour

So many flavors of gelato, so little time...

I settled on chocolate raspberry and tiramisu!

Enoki mushrooms and dry tofu curds (I think) from a little Chinese place in Victoria.

Some dreamy condos on Kelowna's waterfront.   You can park your yacht right outside your window!

Waterfront Park, Kelowna

I would have loved to run here but unfortunately my shins were not feeling it.

Roadtrip Part 1

Bits and pieces from our last minute roadtrip to the Canadian West Coast.  First up: Vancouver!

Saw a moose for the first time!

This was somewhere in Alberta

Drove through a blizzard.  In May.

We drove to Revelstoke, BC on our first day.  
The 4 hour commute felt much shorter because I was too busy sleeping and beating my high score on Bejeweled Blitz of the scenic drive.  

Lots of mountains and lakes.  So pretty!  This is something I never got to see in Ontario.

Shiang Restaurant, one of the many Asian restaurants in Richmond, BC.  

Sunset in Richmond.

Dim sum at Gingeri
Dim sum = the Asian equivalent of Sunday Brunch.  If you've never tried it, you're seriously missing out.  Trust.
They come in little portions (of usually 3 or 4 pieces) which are perfect for sharing with your family or a few friends.  Another plus is that they are very reasonably priced.  
I always get: congee, siu mai, shrimp or fish in rice crepe, cha siu bao, and mango pudding, 

Downtown Vancouver is so eco-friendly!  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Elevation sucks

After my ridiculously long commute home on Wednesday morning (first flight was delayed an hour, missed my connection, and then my second flight was delayed 2 hours), the last thing I wanted to do was to move my legs, so I took the night off.  

On Thursday, I went for a quick run around the neighborhood - and by run I mean painfully slow jog, because the change in elevation (+3400 feet) really kicked my  butt.  It felt like I had gained 20 pounds overnight, and what would have been 8:30min/mile effort in Philly turned out to be like 10:00 min/mile in reality.  Fail.  Plus the temperature was barely above freezing that day. 

Yesterday I did 5 miles, which were a little bit faster and easier.  I'm hoping it'll get better in the next 2 weeks, or else I'll have to scrap my plans for the calgary half-marathon on the 27th.  Yikes.

Weekly roundup:

On a happier note, happy mother's day!  We celebrated with lots of dim-sum....

Thursday, May 10, 2012



I’m finally done with exams and this:


has been replaced by this:



I could not be happier. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

One more exam until freedom

Weekly Roundup:
The 8 miles on Thursday were actually only 4 (Dailymile lumps your running and biking miles together). 

I have one last exam tomorrow and I have a feeling this one is not going to be pretty.  It’s my game theory class and I’ve found that the problems are either very intuitive, or very complicated.  We started out with normal/extensive form games and Nash equilibria – great.  Kind of fun, actually.  Then we got into alternate offer bargaining, subgame perfect equilibria, Baysian games, infinite horizon, grim-trigger strategies….sigh.  Somewhere along the way I realized I’m just not good at this stuff.  Far too logical, quantitative, and rational for my way of thinking.

I have about 12 hours until the exam and my last ditch effort at cramming looks something like...

Friday, May 4, 2012

It’s like they know me or something

Some of my favorite things stolen from the internets recently. 


Ever step into the shower after a run and find about a dozen little bugs stuck to your body after drowning in your sweat?