Sunday, May 13, 2012

Elevation sucks

After my ridiculously long commute home on Wednesday morning (first flight was delayed an hour, missed my connection, and then my second flight was delayed 2 hours), the last thing I wanted to do was to move my legs, so I took the night off.  

On Thursday, I went for a quick run around the neighborhood - and by run I mean painfully slow jog, because the change in elevation (+3400 feet) really kicked my  butt.  It felt like I had gained 20 pounds overnight, and what would have been 8:30min/mile effort in Philly turned out to be like 10:00 min/mile in reality.  Fail.  Plus the temperature was barely above freezing that day. 

Yesterday I did 5 miles, which were a little bit faster and easier.  I'm hoping it'll get better in the next 2 weeks, or else I'll have to scrap my plans for the calgary half-marathon on the 27th.  Yikes.

Weekly roundup:

On a happier note, happy mother's day!  We celebrated with lots of dim-sum....

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