Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Three Things Tuesday

1.  Some crazy news from Miami:
"Naked cannibal killed by Miami police as he ate homeless man's face...31-year-old Rudy Eugene was high on drugs when he carried out his cannibal attack." Link to article

Well, shit.
So now I have some questions:
1) Why were they both naked?, 2) Does this mean I should stay away from LSD?, and 3) Is the zombie apocalypse finally here?  Because if so I gotta brush up on my combat escape techniques now.

2. We're moving on Wednesday and I have to pack, again.

"What if I wanna play basketball?  Or nerf? What if there's a disco party?  What if there are no chairs?"

3. Stocks jump despite bad news.  Facebook is left in the dust.

Facebook is down to a new low - $30.17 (went public at $38).  I can't believe why anyone is still buying this stock and I wouldn't be surprised if it kept falling to something like $14.  Doesn't matter how many eyes see the website everyday if their net profit is still tiny.

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