Sunday, April 22, 2012

Someone explain why coachella exists

1) I am going to run the Centuar Subaru Half-Marathon in Calgary on May 27th!  
My training plan is basically the last 5 weeks of a 12-week schedule I stole from someone's website.  It basically looks like this:  

Week 1 off 4 miles 6 miles 4 miles off 4 miles 10 miles
Week 2 off 4 miles 6 miles 4 miles off 3 miles 11 miles
Week 3  off 4 miles 5 miles 4 miles off 4 miles 13 miles
Week 4  off 4 miles 5 miles 4 miles off 3 miles 6 miles
Week 5    off 3 miles 5 miles 3 miles off 2 miles 13.1 miles

For runs over 7 miles I'm going to start carrying a stash of candy with me.  Energy gels are too expensive for this broke college student ($30 for 20 gels??  no thanks).  Right now I'm deciding between whether I prefer gummy bears or swedish fish as my crack of choice.  


As for water, I've lucked out because there are water fountains along my route.  Yay!

2) Coachella confuses me for many reasons.  Some of which are:
-It comprises of not only one, but TWO (!) weekends of bad music.  
-Concerts should not be outdoors or in the broad daylight.   
-Too many hipsters 
-The only thing worse than hipsters is rich hipsters.  

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