Sunday, May 27, 2012

Roadtrip Part 2

Next up: Victoria, BC, and Kelowna, BC!

This was the waterfront in South Victoria.  Prime real estate...if you happen to have $1,500k sitting around.  

I found bambi!

These little turds seals were waiting for my fries.  In James Bay, there are small floating food vendors and an area to sit right by the water.  My parents got fish and chips and I had salmon tacos.  

Butchart Gardens

This was taken in the "Rose Garden."  
If you want to see tulips, April would be the ideal time to visit.  If you want to see roses, I think July or August would be better.  We went right when the tulips were starting to fade out but too early for the roses.  It was still beautiful though!

Butchart's Cove

Sunken Garden

Ross Fountain.  

 I was tempted to get one before I realized that these were totally gimmicky.  Haha.  Victoria is very overpriced and touristy (we saw signs in Chinese in the gift shop).

Pear pecan salad at Med Grill on our way back to the hotel. yum

Music students from the University of Victoria playing in Inner Harbour

So many flavors of gelato, so little time...

I settled on chocolate raspberry and tiramisu!

Enoki mushrooms and dry tofu curds (I think) from a little Chinese place in Victoria.

Some dreamy condos on Kelowna's waterfront.   You can park your yacht right outside your window!

Waterfront Park, Kelowna

I would have loved to run here but unfortunately my shins were not feeling it.

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